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The Toughest Work.

It strikes me that there isn’t a lack of ideas in industry. Talk with any team and there’s a thick binder of concepts tucked on a shelf, a love-list of technologies scrawled on an engineer’s white board, or an archive of winning brainstorm ideas in marketing’s Dropbox.  Start-ups are exciting and garner the glow of “fresh and new,” but established industry leaders, with decades of success under their belts looking to mirror the start-up mentality, don’t need to spend precious time or resources coming up with ideas.  The ideas are there. What they need is execution. In my experience, the toughest work is pulling the ideas into the light and sorting through them, selecting the right ones, evolving them with the right insights, and building a business case around them. From Idea to Business Case: That bridge is long. The chasm is deep. Risk abounds. You need a courageous heart, a clear view to the market you’re looking to serve, and you need expertise to help sort through which ide