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Airing the laundry.

If we’re out to make great products, Guy Kawasaki challenges us to find “the next curve.” And laundry seems due for a leap forward. Photo by  PETRA BAUMAN  from  Pexels One of my favorite TEDx talks is by Guy Kawasaki on the Art of Innovation . When you’re sitting on a product platform, the current curve, you won’t even know you’re limiting yourself until you really think, what’s the next one? How do we get to THAT place? Guy uses ice as an example: Ice 1.0: These guys chopped ice out of the lake in blocks, which meant they lived somewhere really cold. Ice 2.0: These guys didn’t need to live somewhere cold; they created an ice factory, supporting a bigger market with ice delivery trucks. Ice 3.0: This is a refrigerator company, helping people make their own ice at home. If you define yourself as, “We chop ice,” then you won’t leap to the next curve which is to make ice, let alone help other people make their own ice. When you define yourself by the work you