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A New Chapter.

What does a closet creative do with 20+ years of technical experience, an addiction to innovation, and a fearless spirit? Become an entrepreneur!

I learned the corporate ropes as a Packaging Engineer at Schering-Plough Healthcare Products.  Expanding my scope as a leader and innovator at Merck Consumer Care and then Bayer Consumer Health,  I found my groove as an advocate for rich understanding of consumer behavior. Not just how consumers feelabout brands or messaging, but how they deal with everyday healthcare issues. I coached my teams on the technical aspects of designing, developing, and validating a new package structure, and made sure we were focused on how product delivery formats can transform mundane or unpleasant tasks. Why? Because that's how we could best help our brand teams differentiate our products on crowded shelves, and that is how we could honor the consumer experience. We were champions of user experience.
I gave a presentation once, sharing my self-crafted approach to exploratory design (which was essentially iterative design thinking before I even knew what Design Thinking was!), and there was a fun moment of audience surprise when the slide on the screen boldly said, "I want to be CEO."  I went on to explain that this stood for, in the wise words of Robert Brunner, founder of Apple's ID group, Chief Experience Officer. That we could all be CEOs and wouldn't that drive amazing results?  Our organization embraced iterative, user-focused design and transformed categories like suncare and footcare.
Jumping the fence and taking on a role on the supplier side of the industry allowed me to go deeper into the science of materials and processing. I joined Klöckner Pentaplast to build an innovation strategy for the Pharma division and found that, again, focusing on the user was the best approach. We shifted our thinking to consider the full range of applications for our materials and how we could best help our customers leverage the possibilities of thermoform-able polymer film, capturing larger share of their market.
Combining my technical expertise in packaging engineering with my strategic view on how packaging can be more fully leveraged as a tool for growth, I help companies maximize the power of packaging.
I'm very excited to put energy into this consultancy, and look forward to the diversity of challenges and amazing teams I will collaborate with!
Let's Shine!


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